Focal Issues

We focus on traffic and the environment and on consulting in matters of technology and traffic policy, along with research in the following areas:

  • Strategic and operative traffic planning, integrated traffic concepts and traffic analyses for all means of transport (pedestrian, cycle, public transport and motorised individual traffic, intermodality; local traffic and long-distance traffic, passenger traffic and goods traffic, parked vehicles), innovative traffic development planning and traffic concepts at the international, national, provincial and local level, conception of hierarchically organised traffic networks (all means of transport)
  • Traffic and mobility research, traffic and mobility surveys, attitude surveys and in-depth traffic behaviour surveys
  • Traffic flow optimisation for local public transport and car traffic (dynamic control of traffic light systems), traffic influence, lane management, IT solutions for traffic
  • Local public transport network planning (tram, bus), paratransit (hailed hared taxi, demand-controlled buses), public transport acceleration programme, quality management in public transport, public transport information concepts
  • Organisation of junctions (e.g. railway station (square) design, bus/train/tram stop design
  • Environmental impact evaluation for traffic projects, effect analyses, decision-making aids and economic efficiency analyses for traffic projects
  • Traffic planning management and traffic project mediation (and participation management)
  • Traffic information, dynamic guide and signposting systems, and IT solutions for traffic (dynamic and static)
  • Mobility management and mobility information (for companies, administrations, major events), parking space management
  • Traffic forecasts and traffic models for all means of transport
  • Road design, square design: preliminary studies, general and detailed planning (for all means of transport), design of traffic systems for all means of transport
  • Traffic claming (housing areas, pedestrian zones)
  • Environmental planning, environmental protection measures
  • Traffic expertises, traffic development studies and location studies