Researching and analysing transport and mobility

If you want to provide usable solutions, you must be familiar with people’s transport and mobility needs. That’s why every project starts with a well-founded analysis.

Recognising and understanding transport and mobility

The complex cause-and-effect links between transport demand, transport supply and the environment need to be recognised and understood in order to be able to offer custom, sustainable measures and concepts.

The future starts today

If we want to solve tomorrow’s transport and mobility issues, we have got to start today. This requires knowledge and experience with forecasting methods and ideas about the transport and mobility technology of the future.

Expertise and values

Sound transport and mobility consulting must be founded on two pillars: good technical know-how and personal values. Our aim is to provide top-level expertise and offer transport solutions that allow sustainable development in an ecological, social and economic sense.

Communication and team work

Transport planning must not only comprise the technical transport solution itself, but must also take account of political acceptance and impacts on other areas. Only by means of communication and dialogue between all those involved is it possible to arrive at sound solutions that require suitable mediation methods and communication techniques. The complexity and networking of today’s transport and mobility tasks can only be handled with interdisciplinary team work and public participation.

Quality control

To err is human. Like any other office, we are only human and we can make mistakes, too. But we try our best to rule out any mistakes by means of a meticulous internal control system and constant quality management.

Holistic solutions from the idea to implementation

Traffic planning today means implementing practicable solutions for given situations so as to ensure sustainable development. It is therefore a matter of the technical solution and political acceptance and implementation. That’s why we take care of the entire process chain, always aiming at holistic solutions:
problem – concept of measures – general planning – detailed planning – decision-making preparations – information and awareness work – implementation management – quality control